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  • About us, we stand for!

    FutureGenz is a premier destination for talented candidates and clients committed to recruiting and developing top tier professionals. Seventy two percent of placements we make are with repeat clients, many of whom are happy to work on an exclusive basis confident in the work we do. We connect the most experienced professionals to accelerate the success of both candidate and client.

    At FutureGenz, we pride ourselves on connecting clients with the most seasoned management talent in a diverse range of industries. Our staff are experienced professionals and with strong expertise comes understanding of our clients needs and strategic issues. FutureGenz knows how to find the best people for hard to fill jobs.

    We are experts in specialized recruitment services and talent management; a unique blend in the market. Our unrivalled scope of services coupled with our global capability and local touch are what drive highly qualified professionals across the world to come to us for their next big career challenge. Our assessments help scientifically determine the right fit – beyond core skills and competencies – for the culture of a client’s organization. We believe people are the key element in our clients success and we strive for both client and candidate satisfaction.

  • Our work model :


    Understanding client organization with regard to existing business activities, organization structure & culture, and future growth plans.


    Mapping position specific competencies including job title, KRAs, principal accountabilities, location mobility and other relevant details;


    Identification of candidates either from our extensive database or by advertising for the position.


    Competency-based interviewing & Presenting the short listed candidates.


    Helping negotiate the offer including compensation structures.


    Follow-up with client and candidate subsequent to candidate joining the organization to ensure satisfaction on both sides
  • Domain expertise

    From startups to global corporations, we provide Recruitment services with a strong competitive advantage by developing winning teams capable of thriving in today’s aggressive marketplace. Founded in 2008, FutureGenz pursues its vision by offering tailor-made programmes and Recruitment services solutions for its clients. Our purpose is to help organizations and individuals win through better competence. We are the recruitment partner to the biggest names in various domains as well as a range of other instantly recognizable and inspirational brands. Profile closed till date

  • Our Mission, Vision and Values

    The history of the company shows its fast growth pattern in past years and is recognized as one of the most friendly and unbiased services providers. FutureGenz’s ideology works on basic principles of quality, professionalism and honesty, which help us, maintain the quality and quantity.


    A Familiar Name In The Industry As A Quality HR Service Provider.


    To be India’s premier HR organization, By providing comprehensive end to end HR solutions with commitment towards delivering quality services and ensure customer satisfaction


    We work on three basic Values and hope to grow with them, and hence a firm belief that long term growth comes with: Quality of Service , Professionalism , Honesty

  • Our Proud Clients

    We are proud to be associated with more then 150 companies that operate in India as a recruitment partner. It has been a challenge working with and meeting the staffing needs of these demanding companies.